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Can Chordii handle UNICODE data

How do I use Chordii on Microsoft Windows / Mac OS/X

Can Chordii handle UNICODE data

Chordii was initially written with only English in mind. Fortunately the original authors were Canadians and they implemented support for the ISO 8859.1 (Latin-1) character set. This allowed French (and many other) languages to be processed properly.

Extending the program to handle UTF encoded data to support the full UNICODE character set would require a quite substantive rewrite of the core of the program, a task we are very hesitant to undertake.

It is possible to build Chordii for the ISO 8859.2 character set. See configure --help.

A rewrite of Chordii is in the works. This will support full UNICODE and native PDF generation.

How do I use Chordii on Microsoft Windows / Mac OS/X

Chordii is a command line program. To use it on windows-oriented systems like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS/X you first need to open a command window. In the command window you can run the program as described in the documentation.

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